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"Fearless in our nature we built a mighty empire from the depths within"


Klaus & Caroline + being adorable dorks

Klaroline » Read between the l i n e s: ENDGAME

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Klaus + smiling at his wifey


Klaroline + quotes pt. 1

#Don’t even get me started on the way Klaus said “I promise” #right after he told her he would walk away, but with that little smirk dancing on his lips #the silence eyefuck coming in between #and then the way Caroline leaned forward, her eyes on his waiting lips, voice dropping a few octaves #hostility gone, her face so bare and raw just like his  #and whispered “Good,” a breath away from his stubbled face #like they’re having this entirely different conversation #and only the two of them understand #no need to say it out loud #THE DAMN WORD PLAY #IT’S THEIR THING GUYS #FUCKING ENDGAME RIGHT THERE


"I will leave in return for one small thing."